Gd import - Super oreillette mini rechargeable


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Description de la vidéo "Super oreillette mini rechargeable"

Optimize your hearing with the great rechargeable sound amplifier by Wellys!
It filters the sound, improves and purifies it...
Thanks to this sound amplifier you will discover a new way of hearing!

The sounds of nature, a conversation from the distance, the low volume of the television become audible.
As the volume is variable, you can adjust it to enjoy your most comfortable hearing volume.
This device is rechargeable, there is no need to be busy with buying and handling common coin cells.
Its greatest benefit: It comes with a box for storing its accessories and for recharging the device!

With its small size, it will become your daily companion, whenever, wherever.
Don’t miss to get yourself the small rechargeable sound amplifier by Wellys today!